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The Locum International Group is a limited Research Association Group consisting of :
(a.) A Pharmaceutical Research and Development Company with extensive experience in product development, manufacturing, regulatory affairs and drug technology and know-how sales in the global market place.

(b.) A Pioneering Drug Development Association - IAGIM
(c.) A Specialist Medical/Pharmaceutical Publishing House.

The International Group specializes in all technological aspects of Generic and Innovative Drug Development. Innovation in Drug Development has enabled Locum to make significant successes in new generic products and rejuvenation of existing products together with an extensive development into the Food and Wine technology and the 25 volume series mathematical development

The Group's main business is divided into various interfacing divisions:

These units comprise of generic development, pharmaceutical publishing under the Locum Groups umbrella.


Pharmaceutical Drug Developers to the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Innovative & Generic Industry
International Drug Development Association - IAGIM
Drug Development Extended Benefit Plans and know-how technology - Benefit Plans
120+ Ready-To-Go Drug Development Series - View

Int. Journal of Generic Drugs
Int. Journal of Drug Development - All Dosage Forms
Int. Journal of Drug R&D
Int. Journal of Generic Formula & Processes
Int. Journal of Drug Formulation
Int. Journal of Drug Process Validation
Int. Journal of Generic Registration (ANDAs)
Int. Journal of Drug cGMP
Int. Journal of Food & Wine cGMP
Int. Journal of Food & Wine R&D
Int. Journal of Wine Technology
Int. 25 Volume Math Journal Series - NEW MATH JOURNALS

Int. Journal of Drug Development - Tablets IR ; CR ; DR + Chew
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Hard & Soft Gelatin Capsules - IR ; ER
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Solid Oral Dosage Forms (Tablet + Capsules)
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Liquid Oral Dosage Forms (Liquid + Suspensions)
Int. Journal of Drug Development - Sterile Forms - Parental ; Eye & Nose

24 Volume Series: Handbooks on Generic Drug Development (View).
Publishers of the Authoritative Drug Development Reports, Handbooks and Journals (View):
Drugs OFF-Patent Reports - Updated annually (View).
Drug Development Letter - Do's and Don'ts (View)

The International Journal of Generic Drugs
This is an authoritative Pharmaceutical Journal specializing in Generic Drug Development for the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry. Published in three world zones the Journal contains state-of-the-art technical articles on formulation and procedures, checklists, SOPs, diagrams, protocols and flow charts simplifying generic drug development and validation requirements and the relevant FDA's Office of Generic Drugs rules and EU regulations pertaining to ANDA submissions and EU Dossiers and Expert Reports.

A special subscription for institutions includes a print, CD and e-mail electronic copy. The final volume print edition (issue #8) contains the full year's volume on a CD ROM as well.

Generic Drug Development Letter
A free bimonthly e-mail copy of the popular Generic Drug Development Letter for the pharmaceutical industry is available on request, to pharmaceutical , research and development personnel from contact - Snapshot of global clients

The International Journal of Drug Development (Series)
An authoritative Pharmaceutical Journal specializing in drug development from pre-formulation to process validation for specific drug products to the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry. (Go to Table of Contents for all target drugs covered).  Every aspect of Drug Development is thoroughly evaluated. A must for Pharmaceutical R&D Units. Gives the Ins-and-Outs each issue of the CMC development of a specific generic product.

The International Journal of Drug Development contains articles on technical procedures, process designs, formulation, checklists, drug design development SOPs, diagrams and flow charts that simplify the drug development process requirements and the relevant FDA's CDER and CBER's rules and regulations pertaining to New Drug Applications and Abbreviated Submissions.

24 Volume Handbook Series of Generic Drug Development
Locum publishes a unique user-friendly series of Handbooks of Generic Drug Development. Each Handbook is a dosage-form specific Handbook that simplifies the overall generic drug development process and the related FDA's Office of Generic Drugs and EU agencies rules and regulations.

The Handbooks and the Journal are interrelated in data sourcing. Journal topics each year are updated, summarized and edited and incorporated into the individual chapters of the dosage-specific Handbooks of Generic Drug Development .
[Each volume is published in two parts approx. 950 -1000 pages per part / weight 2 - 4 kg per book]
Go to catalog for additional information on each specific Handbook.

120+ READY-TO-GO Generic Drug Development Series
Proven market tested generic formulations and processes. All products in the series are currently on the US and /or EU market. Generic development and data research is collated on worldwide basis from contributing IAGIM scientists, researchers, developers, involving IAGIM Development with innovative and generic firms, universities, via joint development ventures and academic institutions.

Each generic product is extensively evaluated against the US RLD or the EU equivalents in the EU ranging from comparative dissolution profiles to accelerated and long term stability with degradation and impurity profiles, incorporating fully stressed stability indicating HPLC assays.

The Journal supports an extensive data base of results, (stability, dissolution, assay & impurity profiles etc.), SOPs and validation protocols and results which are published in both the Journals and Drug Development Handbooks.

Each of the fourteen International Journals publishes three (3) ISSN formats per journal (U S | Euro | Pacific Rim) totaling 14 x 8 individual issues per year. Development Data is available as CMCs Dossiers either electronically or by print to IAGIM members only. (Go to Download Area for full list - File #46).

Handbooks in the 24 Volume Series Consists of two parts per volume
Part One - Drug Development Handbook covering the A-Z of each dosage form development
Part Two - Drug Formulation Handbook covering the A-Z of each dosage form development + Full development Dossier + Expert Reports

Electronic and print Handbooks are updated annually - via a Continual Update Program. The Handbook's objective is to make it easy by continually updating developers & researchers in a presentation and format that can be rapidly grasped and digested. Contributing scientists and authors are acknowledged in the Handbook series.

Other Publications from Locum Press
Locum Press publishes concise and comprehensive Drugs Off-Patent Reports, Handbooks on Drug Development, Drug Development SOPs, Analytical method and Methods validation Extensive PAI Programs and unique GMP Audits Checklists containing diagrams and flow charts that simplify the overall generic drug development program.

Extensive Drugs Off-Patents Reports - Electronic DOP Reports - free to IAGIM members dealing with all Drugs Off-Patent to the year 2020.

The Journal and Handbook Series aim to continually update Pharmaceutical Generic Researchers and Scientists for all practical drug development applications. Simplifies and expedites the generic drug development process and clarifies the relevant FDA's Office of Generic Drugs numerous rules and regulations.

Global Database of API Manufacturers

Ready-To-Go Series - CMC Know-how Technology

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